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Related article: Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 17:43:29 -0800 (PST) From: badboy jim Subject: Incest-After Work Blowjob for BroYou know the regular drill-if it's illegal for you to read this stuff, then move on. While it's a true story about me and my cousin, I in no way promote sexual contact between pre-teens regardless of the ages involved and at no time do I promote sexual contact between 18+ and a preteen. The story is copyrighted to me, so please do not present it in any other format or use it in any other way. Enjoy it just as it is. Your comments are welcome at atneilsyahoo.comThe story that is to follow is true. I haven't even changed the names of the people involved. If you are one of the people included in this story, please email me and let me know you're out there-I've been looking for you for years and would very much like to know how you're doing. I hope you enjoy these memories as much as I do. You can email me at atneilsyahoo.comSince I posted three stories this past long Holiday weekend, I've gotten a few really hot stories told to me by those that loved my own stories. With their permission, I've reprinted them here for your enjoyment. I remember when I was sucking my own step-brother's cock if other brothers did the same thing. Now we know the truth. Enjoy! After Work Blowjob for Bro It was like every weekday. My bro's big car rumbled into the drive and from my room I heard the front door, his keys hitting the table in the hall. He'd just turned 16 and gotten a car for his birthday but had to get a job to pay for the gas and insurance. I heard him greeting our mother and then I heard his weight on the stairs. The floorboards of the landing bumped and squeaked by the master bedroom and then he burst into our room without knocking.He closed the door behind him and leaned against it. His new moustache looked really cute, with its thin wisps and sparse dark hair and his jaws dark with stubble."Little bro," he said, and jerked his head, beckoning me over. "Come here and suck your bro's cock."I got up from my desk, walked over to him and kneeled in front of him. The front of his trousers started to bulge as his excitement pushed It's way forward. He pulled at his tie to loosen it and thrust his hands in his pocket, pulling his trousers tighter over the stiffening mass of his dick. His suit seemed too restrictive for his swollen crotch; it almost creaked with a desire for release."Pull it out, take it deep," he instructed. "Fuck, its been a long day. You want it, don't you boy? You want your bro's sweaty cock in your mouth."My hands trembled with excitement as I reached for the fly of his Trousers, nodding. I could smell his crotch, the sweat from his balls and the sharp note of his crotch."Yeah..." he muttered. His shirt was still tucked in but between the buttons I could see his belly hair.I had been sucking his cock since I caught him jacking off when he was 13 and I was 10. I loved every stage his body had gone thru in the last two years. The muscles on his body intoxicated me and the new hair he was growing on his belly just seemed to lead me to his big swollen cock. I looked forward all day to when he'd come home. When he'd first gotten his job I was disappointed. I was used to sucking his cock at least twice before our Mother got home and then sucking him again at least twice before it was lights out. And now and then I could sneak in another quick cum from him before we went to sleep...that is if we could hear Mom snoring down the hall. We were very careful to not get caught. As much as I loved sucking at his big hard cock and feeling it jerk all around in my mouth as he filled my throat with his cum, I knew if we were ever caught our Baptist Mother would have us sent to different parts of the country before she'd allow us to continue in the pleasures of cock sucking, or rather, she'd never allow me to continue sucking his cock. He never sucked mine, not even jacked me off, but I didn't mind. I loved sucking his cock and I"d do it a hundred times a day if he wanted. And things only got hotter for me when I reached 11 and was able to have my own orgasm. Only recently had I started squirting a little juice of my own, but nothing compared to sucking his big, hard cock until he came. I loved to hear him growl and his body jerked all around the bed as the pleasure shot thru him and each spurt of his cum filled my mouth. I knew how great I was making him feel. I just plain loved knowing I could make him feel so fucking great and if I had to suck his cock to make him feel so good, then I'd do it all the damn time. And he never argued with me, often starting things rolling, just as he did everyday after he got home after work."Hurry up," he grunted. I pulled down the tab of his zip, and the taut white bulb of his cock and balls, packed into his underpants, popped through. I tugged at his belt. He did nothing to help me; just watched, as he liked to. He told me once, when I was servicing him, that it gave him pleasure to see me hurrying to get his cock in my mouth, on my knees pushing my head in and out of his crotch, without him doing a thing but laying back or standing there and loving every minute my mouth was on his cock.He pushed my face into his white bulge. It wasn't pure white; as my eyelids and nose pressed into the hot firm mass of his thickening sex I saw the front was stained yellow from his visits to the toilet throughout the day. And now my nose was pressed against it and the hot full smell of him filled me up. Mmmm, Nn Lolita Model pure brother cock. He smelled of hard-ons, of piss, of sticky balls, base urges and dirty thoughts.He tilted my head around, rubbing my face in his hot warm smell. He knew how much I needed this, how much I yearned to satisfy him and give him unforgettable dirty sex, how happy it made me to please him without any thought to my own needs. And I wanted him to use me every day of my life, to make his daily orgasms my purpose in life.As if reading my thoughts, he turned my face up and looked down into my eyes. My mouth and nose were still pressed into his bulge. "That smell good?" he asked. All I could reply was "mmmmm"."Suck it, little bro. Time for you to service me. I want a good deep blowjob, and you're going to swallow." He pushed my head back from his crotch a few inches."Yes," I said, there was only one way to suck cock and that was to suck it until it exploded that delicious cum down Nn Lolita Model your throat and swallow it all. I reached up to pop the fastening on his trousers. They flumped to the floor with the weight of his pockets, and I gripped the waistband of his underpants and pulled them down too. He sighed and his head leaned back to rest on the door.His thick manhood projected out at a 45-degree angle, pointing down toward my chest. His foreskin hugged the tip, not yet retracted, thick and smelling strongly of musky, manly brother cock. It was enormous; a veiny club of a cock, almost as thick as my wrist and deepening in color as it swelled with each heartbeat. His balls hung below, furry with coarse black hair, sweaty, wrinkled and red, packed away in his pants all day without air or a little brother's loving mouth sucking up and down it's hardness. As I watched it jerk a bit in the air, matching his heartbeat, I was glad I started sucking his cock early in life. I remember even at 13 it was big, but then I could get my mouth all around it and suck all if it in. Early part of last year he went thru a big growth spurt and his cock shot big along with the rest of him. If I hadn't been sucking his cock several times during this time of his growth, there would be no way I could get all of the cock that swung before me in my mouth. He'd even been on a few dates since he got his car, always coming back to me and my sucking mouth telling me that what ever girl he'd been out with could only lick at the head of his big cock and couldn't even begin to get their mouth around it. Being a good Baptist child he never tried to fuck any of the girls he was with, but told me he was equally sure the girls couldn't have gotten his cock inside them anyway."I haven't had a chance to jerk off all day," he breathed, his head still tilted back in anticipation of my lips on his cock. "This is my first cum, so do your best, baby."I loved when he called me baby. He only did it in private or when he wanted me to suck his cock, but I loved it with then word came breathlessly from his beautiful lips.I wrapped my right hand around the fat middle of his stiff cock. My thumb and middle finger didn't meet up. I pulled to skin back his foreskin while my left hand reached under his huge balls to cup them. I know every boy who's had the privilege of sucking his bro's cock raises the size and thickness of the cock and balls, but my bro really had incredibly large balls. He came buckets too; sometimes it was all I could do to swallow down the whole load. He was blatantly oversexed, but that was my fault. I loved sucking his cock so much and we had been doing it for so long that he needed constant relief. Neither of us complained one bit.The smell of cock rolled out from under his foreskin; sharp, strong, overwhelmingly arousing. I took a deep breath, cupped his balls lightly, and slowly masturbated him. The enormous smooth rounded bell of his cock head was raging purple and slick from his precum. My squeezing hand eased a drop loose and it hung from the tip of his cock for a moment before my tongue stretched out, and with one movement I claimed it. My first taste of brother.The flavor exploded in my mouth and it was alive to every detail of what he was Nn Lolita Model doing to me. I was on my knees, his only little bro, and pleasure him after work in the most delicious way. He was my bro, I was his boy and it was my joy to suck him. I pulled his foreskin as far back as it went, relishing the slick sounds it made as the wet surfaces parted. Then I opened wide and threw my mouth forward to his rock-solid dick. The underside of the tip skated down my tongue. The top curve of the shiny helmet nosed into my top lip, slid beneath. My brother's cock, his engorged, smelly pride, eased its way into my mouth as I pushed forward, aiming it to my throat, guiding my mouth down the shaft towards his black pubic hair.My mouth watered as it closed around his dick. MMm, there it was. He groaned quietly. MMm...this was it, this was what he wanted. His cock fit beautifully in my mouth, the veins pressed against the roof of my mouth and my tongue. I felt a dribble of precum squeeze from the tip of his urethra and I moaned. He shifted his feet apart a few inches and looked down. He nodded. "It's ok baby, go for it, make me proud."I drew back, drawing my lips tight around the fat end of his dick, and charged forward again, reaching further down his shaft. I tried to take it slow but the need was in us both and soon I was bobbing up and down shamelessly on his cock, the salty flavor filling my mouth, the smell of his balls in the air."Mmm, yeah, good baby," he moaned encouragingly, "get it down that throat." As I pushed more and more of his cock into my mouth he let out a deep breath of pleasure and added, "Good boy.""I pushed harder, determined to get his cock lodged deep in my throat even if it was a bit painful."Ah, fuck, that's good baby," he hissed through his teeth. "I'll let you do this again before dinner." Finally he grabbed the back of my head with both of his big hands, angled his hips and with gentle force, pushed his cock where we both wanted it, past the opening of my throat. My breathing stopped, he had corked my lungs shut. His fat drooling cock now had control over my life. After a moment he withdrew, and wet strings of my spit connected his big purple cock to my mouth. "Phew!" he gasped. "I'm close. Get ready baby, we're going for it now."He took a more active role. His pants still round his ankles, he drew my face forward and with his hands clamped firmly to the back of my head he fucked my face, moving my head roughly up and down on his dick. His pleasure was obvious as he struggled to stay quiet. Over and over his cock shoved in and out of my throat. I sucked hard on his big cock as it went in and out of my mouth...as he pulled it all the way until the tip of his big cock was laying on my lips and then slowly shoved all the way down as deep as it could go into my throat...until my nose was covered by his dark pubes.Finally I felt the first signs of his impending explosion. His balls began to tighten in my hands Nn Lolita Model as I stroked them. His cock fattened, stretching my jaws even wider. He twined his fingers in my hair and pulled my mouth off to the tip of his cock. And I sucked. I sucked and sucked, working his dick over urgently, needing his sperm, and needing his approval and his love."Oh fuck..." he grunted, and cum squirted so hard from his cock that it I could feel it strike the roof of my mouth. Long gushing stream after stream; two, three, five, eight, twelve hot spurts. I struggled to swallow all of his thick sperm and prove to Nn Lolita Model him I could do it. Some ran down my chin lazily as his grunts subsided and were overtaken by heavy panting. Finally he pulled his cock from my mouth, still stiff. I licked it clean, savoring every glob and smear of his clean white load.He leaned against the door, spent, chest heaving. Finally he reached forward and grabbed me again. Then he did something he'd never done before. He reached down and put his hand around my hard cock and jerked me a couple of times. "You're hard baby. You didn't cum that time did you?" Then he stepped out of his underpants, pulled on his trousers, pulled his underwear down over my head so that the crotch was over my face and I could smell every part of the one thing I loved the most, and said "You have a jerk in these later baby, good job."And with that he left for the shower. I beat myself off where I kneeled with his pants over my face, just the way he'd left me. And as my own orgasm shot thru my body and I watched as my cum shot all over the door, I heard the shower water turn off and knew before I'd cum down from my own orgasm that he'd be sitting on his bed with his big hard cock swinging between his beautiful muscular legs with that look on his face and I'd crawl to him, take my place between those legs and ride up and down on his cock until he filled my mouth with is seed again.
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